Yellow Jade Chips
Yellow Jade Chips
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Yellow Jade Chips

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Metaphysical Properties

Yellow Jade represents wisdom gathered in peaceful peace. It’s also a symbol of happiness and success, protecting those who carry it. This crystal strengthens love and care in oneself, which is useful in meditation.  This stone renews true friendship and has an energetic and stimulating energy. It also represents fertility and childbirth, aiding in the process of labor. The stone itself is related to fire energy which is focused on one’s ego. It is known to inspire eagerness and optimism as well. 

Fun Facts

Yellow Jade can be found in Japan, Myanmar, China, and Alaska. They can be mined from any of these places and often vary in their color and smoothness. It’s an extremely tough stone that is resistant to cracking or scratches. Yellow Jade refers to the yellow variety of Nephrite, which is a variety of the Jade stone. This stone symbolizes many things, including purity and calmness, and is highly valued in the East.