Unakite Jasper Chips
Unakite Jasper Chips
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Unakite Jasper Chips

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Metaphysical Properties

Unakite Jasper stones support healthy habits. Unakite Jasper promotes reunion, peace and facilitates rebirth. Unakite Jasper helps transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Unakite may take away negative energy and helps in releasing emotions and helps healing in separation issues. Unakite Jasper can assist in facilitating rebirth. Unakite helps with the acceptance of the philosophy "things that are meant to be, will be".

Fun Facts

Unakite Jasper is names for the Unaka mountains of North Carolina where it was first discovered. Legend tells us that one who carries Unakite will have the power to locate things that have been lost. Unakite can also help one remain powerful in situations where otherwise they might become a victim.