Rose Garden Jasper Tower
Rose Garden Jasper Tower
Rose Garden Jasper Tower
Rose Garden Jasper Tower
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Rose Garden Jasper Tower

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5 inches tall

Metaphysical Properties

Rose Garden Jasper is an incredibly nurturing stone that promotes inner peace, relaxation, and gentleness with one’s self. This tranquil stone softly helps to grow confidence in self image and self esteem. Said to lift the spirits, this jasper assists in healing past wounds to restore positivity and move forward with your life goals. Helps with emotional protection for those struggling with any difficult or sensitive issues. By shielding it’s carrier from dangerous situations, Rose Garden Jasper relieves high stress and nervousness to provide security, safety, stability, and joy. Overall, this jasper enhances connection with humanity.

Fun Facts

Rose Garden Jasper, also known as Porcelain Jasper, is a rather new and semi rare stone. It presents in pastel shades of cream, pinks, browns, yellows and occasionally purples. Because it is a newer discovery, much is still being learned about this stone.








Mexico, Indonesia