Peridot Chips
Peridot Chips
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Peridot Chips

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Metaphysical Properites

Peridot has the ability to stimulate change between the heart and personal will. This stone helps to release deep blockages and hidden emotions. It will help you open up your mind and spirit. Allow Peridot to release anxiety and discomfort being held within your being. Working with this stone will encourage you to engage in your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies healing, while encompassing who you truly are. It will help bring balance to your chakras, and help you gain realignment. Peridot also offers you protection through personal changes in your life.

Fun Facts

Peridot is an iron and magnesium-rich silicate that is the gem variety of Olivine. It can be found on Basalt, crystallized in the form of tiny grains, or shaped like small prismatic crystals. Occasionally it's also been seen having formed in large mass structures. Peridot can range in color of nearly every shade of green because of the amount of iron within.