Peach Aventurine Chips
Peach Aventurine Chips
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Peach Aventurine Chips

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Metaphysical Properties

Peach Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It can help with anxiety, worry, stress and shyness. It can boost the energy of the sacral chakra and calm and balance the emotions. Mentally Aventurine encourages tolerance, stabilizes the mind and promotes creativity. It can calm and balance the emotions and help boost creativity, it also assists in reaching quiet states in preparation for meditation. Peach Aventurine increases your ability to manifest prosperity and wealth.

Fun Facts

Peach Aventurine is a translucent to opaque crystal belonging to the Quartz family.  It gets its color from the Goethite, Hematite, and Pyrite from its structure. The name Aventurine is from the Italian ‘a ventura’, meaning ‘to fortune’. Peach Aventurine often has a sparkly effect because of tiny inclusions of hematite or mica.