Ocean Jasper Ring
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Ocean Jasper Ring

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*aka obicular jasper, cellular jasper
*white copper - nickel free - fully adjustable to fit any finger

Fun facts

All ocean jasper are collectable pieces, as not one piece looks exactly like the other. Ocean jasper is one of the rarer forms of jasper.

Metaphysical Properties

Ocean jasper activated and aligns the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. It creates an energetic channel to allow your abilities to combine with your emotions. It pushes you to a grieve true joy, happiness, and emotional stability. It allows you to release and strains that you may be carrying, and encourages you to express your emotions and move through any issues that may be weighing on you.
It’s a highly soothing stone, related to the ocean, which brings in that wonderful energy. It brings deep peace and happiness and all the good things in life. It brings strength and renewal. It also promotes success in personal and business matters.