Fluorite Chips
Fluorite Chips
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Fluorite Chips

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Metaphysical Properties

Fluorite is said to bring clarity and enhance your mental abilities. It can help with concentration, self-confidence, and decision making. Fluorite encourages positivity, and brings mental and physical balance. It can help with achieving goals, organization, processing information and memory. Its also said to help bring mental clarity, and bringing calm to emotions and confusion.

Fun Facts

The name fluorite comes from the Latin word flux which means flowing and mixing. Ancient Egyptians used to carve scarabs, vases, and statues. Fluorite was also common in other ancient civilizations like Saxons, and Rome they would use fluorite to carve amulets, cups, dishes, and statues. In fact, it was said that Romans believed that drinking from fluorite cups would prevent intoxication. The ancient Chinese, felt that Fluorite offered protection from evil spirits, and its clusters were considered to be “dream makers.”