Emerald Chips
Emerald Chips
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Emerald Chips

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Metaphysical Properties

Emerald holds free-flowing energy that empowers your heart center. It holds the pure energy of love, compassion, sensuality, and healing. Allow emerald to harness your true emotions, and show you that your are capable of releasing anything that no longer serves you. However good or bad an experience might have been, if you are unable to release it, then that means your emotions are holding you back. This “tight grip” is due to the fear of facing the emotional rollercoaster that this experience incites. When you work with Emerald more frequently, you will begin to understand why your body creates this aura of self-protection. Once you understand this you can then figure out how to solve it. When you begin to introduce yourself to self-care you will find that the pure love which you are seeking has been within you this entire time.

Fun Facts

Emerald is a green form of Beryl that crystallizes in the form of masses and prismatic crystals.