Botswana Agate Ring
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Botswana Agate Ring

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*white copper - nickel free - fully adjustable to fit any finger!

Metaphysical Properties

Botswana Agate helps release and heal emotional issues. Botswana Agate can enhance your concentration, analytical skills and perception of situations. Botswana Agate can boost self-confidence. It can be a a comforting and protective stone, it is good if you are feeling lonely, lost, or afraid. Botswana Agate can awaken a sense of adventure. Botswana Agate stones encourage problem solving rather than focusing on negative aspects of life's daily challenges.

Fun Facts

In ancient texts tell us that Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet, it was told to be able to quench ones thirst as well as protect from fevers; there are even legends that tell us that Persian magicians used Agate to divert unwanted storms.