Barite, Cerussite, & Galena Specimen
Barite, Cerussite, & Galena Specimen
Barite, Cerussite, & Galena Specimen
Barite, Cerussite, & Galena Specimen
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Barite, Cerussite, & Galena Specimen

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Barite Metaphysical Properties 

Barite encourages the mind-body connection. It restores, heals, and re-establishes the mind-body connection. This stone will make you aware of the feelings and circumstances that are preventing you from moving forward. It heightens the urge for honest self-evaluation and dispels delusions.

Cerussite Metaphysical Properties

Cerussite can assist you gain confidence and to feel capable. While encouraging confidence and self love, it also inspires humility and active listening skills. If used in meditation you can separate what cannot change from what can be changed.

Galena Metaphysical Properties

Galena reduces emotional over-reactions and helps us behave more sensibly. It is a strong protector for anyone who gets overwhelmed by negative energies. Galena provides us with strength, courage and fortitude so that we can face difficult things head on.

Fun Facts

This is a well-formed Cerussite with Barite and Galena Cluster Pair. This specimen is composed of dense, twinned crystals of Cerussite on Barite. Cerussite is a lead carbonate mineral, usually found in the oxidized zone of lead ore deposits. Well-formed and attractive. Barite is used for meditation, bringing calm to your inner state, and linking you to your highest self. It helps us recognize what we must let go of and change. Galena is a stone of transformation. It is an excellent stone for guidance when embarking on a spiritual journey. It also has very powerful grounding properties, especially during difficult times. You will receive the exact item shown.

Source: Morocco