Adamite Specimen
Adamite Specimen
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Adamite Specimen

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Metaphysical Properties

Adamant crystal is mainly associated with the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakras. They help you with health, universal connection, luck, and love. Adamite will discourage interruptions from neighbours, colleagues and distracting chatter. Keep this stone on a shelf above your phone to discourage cold callers. Adamite is excellent for pendulum work to decide between options. Adamite creates emotional equilibrium and will help you to find a calm, centred space around which emotions can rage without affecting your inner serenity. Adamite assists in clearly communicating your needs, especially when you need to change. It enhances your emotional interaction to allow more room for expressing feelings. This is the perfect stone to attract more joy into your life.
​Adamite helps you resist emotional manipulation, especially those who play on weakness or guilt.

Fun Facts

Adamite is an uncommon mineral that is frequently pale or brownish yellow but is also found in rose red, blue, pale greens, and even purple when it is formed in the presence of cobalt. It is named after a famous collector, Gilbert Joseph Adam.