• All crystals are natural and unique, and not one is exactly the same. Crystals may have natural lines, cracks, holes, druzy pockets, natural fractures and anything else that is unique to their make up.
  • Some crystals are very fragile, toxic, or harmful in some cases, and we do make a note on said crystals of if they’re super fragile, how they can be toxic, why they are this way, and precautions to take in said cases.
  • We do have cats and dogs in our household, and as a disclaimer, you may end up having a pet hair or two end up in your order, we can’t really avoid this, but try our best. All our products are clean, and sanitized. (some crystals can not be sanitized due to their mineral make up, but we do our best to ensure everything is clean)
  • All local and shipped orders are wrapped as to ensure they’re protected and will not break. Every order is packaged with lots of care and consideration. Shipped orders all have "Fragile" stickers on them. Every ordered is cleansed and infused with renewed energy during packing for their new homes.
  • Shipped orders have all items wrapped individually in bubble wrap and tissue paper to keep them safe during shipping. 
  • Once a package is in the hands of our couriers, they are no longer our responsibility.
  • If you receive a broken item, we ask for you to send us an email with photos of item(s), and we can go from there to resolve the issue.