About Us

About North Fairy Crystals

North Fairy Crystals is a Home Business. We are honored offer to all of you, near and far, High Quality, Consciously Sourced Crystals and Gemstones from all around the globe. Our products are sourced from trusted miners, sellers, families, and shops, all in support of their families, and ethical the treatment of their workers.

All our crystals are smoke cleansed, using Korynn’s custom Crystal Cleansing Herbal Smoke Blend, and infused with the Universal Love with Reiki energy. Korynn strives to offer to you accurate knowledge about all crystals, minerals, and other products that we offer. 

We also offer handmade products, made by Korynn herself, as well as from local makers and creators who have beautiful energy and passions. These products range from candles, self care products, jewelry, art, and so much more.

We're happy to also offer authentic books, oracle and tarot cards, incense, candles, and other products to help you on your crystal and spiritual journey.