Full Moon / Snow Moon

full moon

February’s full Snow Moon reaches peak illumination at 10:29am PST on Sunday, February 5. You can harness the energy of this full moon the day before, day of, and day after while her energy is fully potent! 🌕

Other names for this full moon, Eagle Moon, Groundhog Moon, Goose Moon, Hungry Moon, Storm Moon.

This Full Moon is called the Snow Moon due to there typically being heavy snowfall and cold weather in the month of February. This Snow Moon falls under Leo, which is a good sign which brings generosity and ambition. Expect feelings of productivity and self expression. It is best to avoid confrontation during this full moon phase, as it can lead to miscommunication and messy outcomes.

During this full moon brings Imbolc, a pagan fire festival celebrating the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

The Snow Moon is all about reflection, fresh starts, and traditions. Even the weather reflects this, nature is still trying to decide between being bright with sunshine, or snowy chilly days.

This moon brings a time to really reflect on the true spirit of this time, as well as to look forward to the fresh starts and transitions that spring will bring. Overall, this Full Moon symbolizes change, hope, creativity and overall growth.

With that being said, the growth may not be comforting or easy, but it will result in freshness, and feelings of bright joy. Allow yourself the time to surrender to relaxation, and clear out all unnecessary feelings and energy to make life more meaningful. At this time we are also moving past the time of goal setting, and moving into making those intentions into a plan and come into fruition. Take some time to really focus and be present with yourself. Consider and meditate on your personal and spiritual intentions. This is a magical time, full of beautiful energy.

🌕 What can you do during this full moon? 🌕

❄️reflection - this is an important ritual you can use, take a moment to reflect on all your achieved, and how amazingly magical you truly are.

❄️Light a candle - this is an easy ritual, totally uncomplicated. Take a moment to be fully present, say a small chant, a blessing, or even meditate. This is a simple and powerful ritual to connect with yourself and nature.

❄️Spell work - writing reflections, things to let go of, things you’d like to change etc, on paper or even a bay leaf. You can light this on fire, flush it down the drain, or bury it!

❄️Make a simmer pot - recipe; lemon slices, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, vanilla; fill pot with water, add ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, stir the pot clockwise, and recite a mantra, prayer, or blessing of your own words (example: I cleanse myself and this space, negativity leaves and is set free, so be it)

❄️Love in any form - February is the month of love, whether it be of self, others, friendship, or romance. Take some time to spend time with you

❄️Journaling - have you made some changes in your life? Maybe a series of small changes have happened. Maybe you’ve have or are thinking about a series of small changes to create more meaning in life. Maybe you failed at something, which I sure hope so because that means you learned a lesson you can truly flourish from. Give yourself permission to try again because you’ll start off on better footing the next time. Recognize your ability to achieve amazing things. These are all wonderful journal prompts to start from!

Colours associated with this full moon in Leo are purple, soft pink, blue, and white. Feel free to use one or all of these colours for a candle to light, or carry a crystal (or crystals) of these colours to support you during the Snow Moon. I suggest amethyst, rose quartz, blue aventurine, and white/rainbow moonstone. 💜💓💙🤍

Allow this full moon to bring out positive reflection, to see how far you’ve come, and a new outlook to move into fresh starts and changes for your highest good. Give yourself the space to surrender and release, while opening up to a soft, slow awakening. 🌕

This Snow Moon reminds you that change does not always “show” although it illuminates that’s there’s gentle movement that often brings the most meaningful of shifts in life. Trust the stillness, and the truth in your own instincts. 🌕

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care and rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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