Full Moon / Worm Moon

🪱 Full Moon / Worm Moon 🪱

This is the final full moon for the winter season! You will be able to see her full illumination on Monday March 6th and Tuesday March 7th. This full moons peak illumination is at 4:42am (pst) on Tuesday March 7th.

March’s full Moon goes by the name Worm Moon. For many years, we thought this name referred to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. This invites robins and other birds to feed—a true sign of spring!

Other names for this full moon are; The Sugar Moon, The Wind Strong Moon, The Crow Moon, and The Sap Moon

This full moon is in Virgo, giving us the opportunity to uncover our shadows around perfectionism, feeling good enough, and accepting ourselves as we are in each moment.

This moon is the time to release our fears of making mistakes and to take leaps of faith. This is our opportunity to detox ourselves of thoughts and beliefs of not being worthy or not being good enough. Let this full Moon in Virgo help you feel good enough. Good enough for your dreams. Good enough to share your talents, and good enough to stand in your brilliance.

This full moon wants you to embrace your shadow side, and allow it to be apart of your human experience. Working with your shadow side allows you to work on blockages and move past them to get to your highest self, and evolve. We do not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed by it, even if we often do. Through acceptance, we can give our shadows the attention they needed years ago. The full Moon is a time to make the unconscious conscious and understand the many layers that form our identity. One of these layers is the shadow side.

Remember that shadow work is all about healing, and when we can work with, and heal our shadows, we heal the wounds that cause them. We give ourselves what we need, and that is a huge part of self care.

Virgo is the sign of the Goddess, who is perfect to herself. Use this energy as a reminder of your gifts waiting to be discovered. The world is waiting for you to embrace your talents when you’re ready to give it.

In working with our shadows that align with Virgo’s low side, we need to accept ourselves and acknowledge our talents.

Spiritually, this full moon represents an awakening within ourselves as well as the earth. This natural stirring brings with it a sense of urgency, restlessness, and the desire to be productive. The Worm Moon is known for encouraging a “redirection” of our energy. Like the flora building strength to push through the soil, it’s time to stop conserving energy for winter and start shifting it toward productivity.

🪱 What can you do during this full moon?🪱

prepare a spring altar, jar, space - put together items that represent spring for you and keep them in a space you use and see often

Light a candle - this is an easy ritual, totally uncomplicated. Take a moment to be fully present, say a small chant, a blessing, or even meditate. This is a simple and powerful ritual to connect with yourself and nature.

delve into shadow work and spell work - Spell work - writing reflections, things to let go of, things you’d like to change etc, on paper or even a bay leaf. You can light this on fire, flush it down the drain, or bury it!

Reflection - this is an important ritual you can use, take a moment to reflect on all your achieved, and how amazingly magical you truly are

🪱Make a simmer pot - Rosemary, Sage, Rice, Thyme, Lavender, Grapefruit, Bay Leaf, Raspberry, Lime, Black Pepper, Parsley, Peppermint, Orange, Green Tea, Poppy Seeds, Black Cherries, Tarragon, Sesame Seeds, Lemon, and Cinnamon (this is a suggested recipe, please feel free to use what you’re drawn to!

Journaling - ask yourself what you’ve learned from your mistakes and how they’ve shaped you into who you are at this moment. Do you need to do further healing? What gifts may be hidden from mistakes or past trauma? What do you fear? Is this holding you back? Are you feeling out of alignment? Where is the stuck energy in your body and the steps you can do to move it? Have you forgotten to flow with life?

Colours associated with the Worm Moon greens, lilacs, pinks, and soft yellows. 💚💜💗💛

Allow this full moon to be a reminder to not keep yourself busy for the sake of being busy. Take care of prioritizing your tasks wisely and try to not get swept in the rush of things. Take it easy, don’t forget to breathe and relax and take time for yourself.

The Worm Moon is a time for rebalancing and paying attention to karmic change. When you’re looking forward to the excitement of the future, remember to also keep yourself grounded in the moment.

A gentle reminder that whatever your self care and rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic!


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