Full Moon / Wolf Moon

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This beautiful full moon is in Cancer and brings the joining of the Gemini twins, as well as Leo makes an appearance! ♋️ ♊️ ♌️

Its full illumination is at 3:07pm(pst) January 6th, 2023
but the energy can be harnessed the day before, day of, and day after as this howling moon is still in full swing! 🌕

Noted that this full moon is during a mercury retrograde, mars retrograde annnnd Uranus retrograde, so if you’re feeling exhausted, emotional, and just overall blah, it’s okay! These feelings are valid! By the month’s end, there will be no new retrogrades taking place 🤍

🐺 It is thought that a Wolf Moon offers us a greater opportunity for deep self-reflection. This can be an emotional time, which can open you up to this self reflection and healing.
This moon wants you to feel your feelings. Allow it to remind you that you know what you need to feel nurtured, safe, secure and comfortable. Listen to your gut. Know that your emotional needs deserve to be met, not neglected for the sake of appearing unbothered.
Since this moon is in Cancer, it allows you to understand what you’re highest needs and wants are. This moon is encouraging you to make your needs a top priority. 🐺

So what can you do to honour yourself and add some healing on this powerful full moon? 🌕

-take some time to journal what you feel you need for your emotional needs to be met
-allow yourself to let go of expectations and the things you don’t want
-focus on the positive needs and wants to manifest them into reality
-set a jar of water out on the windowsill to make some moon water, be sure to collect it before sunrise!
-set your crystals out for a nice cleanse and charge
-clean and cleanse your home
-speak with someone you love or participate in doing something together (even if it’s making dinner or watching a movie or going for a walk or even taking a nap!)
-take a self love bath/shower (whatever that feels like for you!)
-say some affirmations in the mirror
-if you don’t wanna do anything, that’s perfectly fine too! Your magic is all about intention ✨

Colours associated with this moon and the sign of Cancer are silver, white, gray, light blue, and lavender. Feel free to light a candle of these colours, wear these colours, carry crystals with you of these colours, or just use these colours in your day. 🤍💙💜

Allow this moon to release all that does not align with your heart. Allow it to fully illuminate your desires and awaken your heart so you can honour them throughout the new year. And most of all, allow yourself to celebrate all the cycles that have been completed and come to and end, and move forward with grace, love and integrity. So be it 🙌🏼

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care and rituals are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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