Full Moon/Sturgeon Moon

🌕Full Moon / Sturgeon Moon🌕

08/01/23 11:30am

This is a gorgeous full moon, being a powerful supermoon! Taking place August 1st reaching peak illumination at 11:30am(pst). Although its peak illumination is closer to the afternoon, you can see and feel it’s full beauty the evening before and evening of August 1st.

The Sturgeon Moon falls in place of Aquarius, the humanitarian sign of the zodiac. Being in Aquarius, this full moon urges us to seek ventures that are calling to us, bringing us more in sync with the rhythms of the collective and to find enjoyment from the past.

This is traditionally called the Sturgeon Moon because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

Other names for this full moon 🌕
Flying Up Moon, Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, Ricing Moon, Black Cherries Moon, Mountains Shadows Moon

🙏🏻 Friendly reminder the full moon energy can be harnessed within the three days before and three days after the full moon, give or take some time 🤞🏼

During this phase, we may start to feel deeply within us that there’s a subtle softening, as we begin to spiritually slow down. This Full Moon is reminding us to align our spiritual intentions with the giant and strong sturgeon of which this moon is named after.

Use this affirmation, “I am powerful and resilient, just like a sturgeon.”

This is a very powerful time for giving gratitude, harvesting (physically, mentally, spiritually), and to show your strength. Allow yourself to relish in what you have accomplished, and what you have let go of, and to see where you have shown your strength and growth.

🌕 What can you do on this full moon? 🌕

✍️ Journal Prompts - What big ambitions did I have last winter and spring? Am I making progress? Have I taken a different path? (any questions and answers are a reminder that you are human, and nothing is a linear journey, you can come back to any path at anytime, and reach your goals when you’re aligned with them)

💧 Connect with Water - spend some time by a lake, river, ocean, or even just in a pool or bathtub. If you don’t have access to these things, fill a bowl or sink with water, dip your hands or feet in, allow this to wash over you, and feel the vibrations and movement of the water on your skin. Allow any anxiety or worries to slip away with the movement of whatever water you connect with. Imagine yourself as the water trusting and flowing freely. Let go of your fears and know that whatever may happen, you will find a way to make the best of it.

🙏🏻Practice Gratitude - write a note, or a letter of thanks to a friend, loved one, or just anyone you feel is right to share this gratitude with. This time of year is all about abundance and harvesting what we’ve sown, literally or metaphorically. Take a moment to let those who add joy to your life know how grateful you are, you can give them this letter or note whenever you feel is fit, or just keep it for yourself as a reminder.

🌿 Harvest - pull some fruit and veggies you’ve planted in your garden, or go out foraging for berries, herbs, and flowers. You can also go out to the store and purchase these things with intention of harvest and abundance if you do not have access to gardens, fields, etc that you can harvest from.

🍞 Kitchen Witchery - bake some bread, make some jams or salves. This is all about enjoying the abundance of harvest, and gratitude for the nutrients Mother Earth has given.

🏕️ Get outside - enjoy time in nature, go camping, for a walk, a hike, anything to appreciate this beautiful time of summer, and give thanks to the moon, the sun, and Mother Earth.

Other little things:
Have a cleansing bath 🛀
Cleanse and charge your crystals 💎
Make a spell jar 🫙
Brew up a simmer pot 🍲
Cleanse your home 🏡
Meditate 🧘🏻‍♀️
Make some moon water 💧

Candle Colours associated with this full moon:
Gold, dark green, orange 🤎💚🧡

Herbs & Flowers associated with this full moon:
Lemon balm, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, blueberries, eyebright, St. John’s wort, bay leaf, Angelica root, fennel, sunflower, marigold 🌻

Crystals associated with this full moon:
Carnelian, any jasper, fire agate, sunstone, gaspeite, selenite, any moonstone 💎

Enjoy this time of gratitude, and feel your strength of all you’ve been through, while allowing yourself to feel your emotions. Show yourself gratitude for being all of who you are, and all that you’ve accomplished and are striving towards. 🫶🏼

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care, rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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