Full Moon / Strawberry Moon

full moon

🌝Full Moon / Strawberry Moon 🌝

06/03/23 8:43pm (pst)

The strawberry moon on June 3rd at 8:43pm (pst) is a supermoon! This is the last full moon for the spring season, and brings abundance.

This full moon is close to summer solstice which falls on June 21st ☀️

The Strawberry Moon of June is named for the wild and ripe strawberries that reach their peak in June. It’s believed that picking strawberries beneath the light of the moon honors the crops and ensures to be bountiful.

Other names for this full moon include Blooming Moon, Hoer Moon, Birth Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Hatching Moon and Honey Moon.

The strawberry moon raises our energy, bringing creativity, friendships, and practicing more self love. At this time it is good to pay attention to your body and its needs.

This full moon is helpful for you to make difficult decision and to face responsibilities that you may have been avoiding. This allows you to start fresh and dive deeper into your own personal growth. But take the reminder of baby steps and to pace yourself in this process, as you don’t want to hit burn out. Take a look at your intentions and goals to make sure they’re realistic, achievable, and within your means, while still keeping you satisfied and excited.

This full moon brings you new life, magic, joy, and strength, and the earth and universe is urging you with enthusiasm! Allow this energy to open your intuition and mind, to all of life’s adventures and twists and turns.

We also want to add that this is a time to slow down, enjoy the fresh air, and delicious fragrance of blooms and freshness that this introduction to summer brings. Allow yourself to take a moment and feel the fresh breeze on your skin, and to stop and smell the flowers (literally). Take yourself out to do some earthing, and take in all the beauty nature has to offer at this time.

What can you do for this full moon?

🌙 Practice Pleasure - anything that gives your body movement and enjoyment - such as self pleasure (ya know spicy bedroom stuff), taking a walk, dancing, hiking, just being silly and moving around.

🍓 Look for the Good - things you’re proud of, even the small stuff, what made you feel good today!

🌙 Eat Food - check out the local farmers market, grab yourself some fresh berries and veggies, bring this energy into your body.

🍓 Get Outside - smell the flora and fauna, touch some trees, moss, grass, plants, smell the flowers, feel the sun on your skin.

🌙Journaling - here’s some prompts:
-what are my intentions and are they clear?
-am I in alignment with these intentions?
-what have I been building in my life since the first full moon of spring?
-how am I feeling?

🍓 have a fire (within fire ban regulations of course)

🌙 Meditate - take some time to sit under the full moon and reflect on three or more things your grateful for in these moments

Colours associated with the Strawberry Moon - Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink ❤️🧡💛🩷

Crystals associated with the Strawberry Moon - smoky quartz, lapis lazuli, ruby, rose Quartz, fuschite, fluorite 💎

Herbs etc associated with the Strawberry Moon - lavender, rose petals, skullcap, tansy, oak bark, yarrow, all citrus and berries. 🍃

This is a great time to make your moon water and infusions, charge up your crystals, cleanse your space, and honour yourself 🤍

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care, rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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