Full Moon / Pink Moon

🌕 Full Moon/Pink Moon 🌕

This is the first full moon of the spring season, it will be in its fullest state on Wednesday April 5th at 9:34pm PST. You can harness this energy for up to 3 days prior and after this date.

Three planets will be visible during this moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars!

Although this moon is not pink in colour, it can take on a golden hue. The name “Pink Moon” is corresponded with early spring time blooms.

This full moon is a time to fully focus on the present moment. We’re moving past the stages of planning, reflection, and releasing, and moving into changes. It is here to remind us of our power and strength, and to reconnect with Mother Nature.

This moon is in Libra, bringing balance, commitment, and unity. This full moon is asking you to be willing to adapt or completely change, allowing you to refocus your connections in a way that supports you in being balanced. It is shedding light on the collective desire for unity, compatibility, togetherness, and balance.

The Pink Moon is reminding all of us to prioritize balance and to nourish our spirits to avoid burn out. In doing so, it will help to remain focused and clear headed. This can be achieved by placing boundaries, and cutting ties that no longer serve us.

💗What can you do during this Full Moon💗

🌝 Align Yourself - take a moment to be outside more often, sit in the grass, ground yourself with the earth. Sit outside and meditate, allow nature to fill you up with spring energy.

✨ Journaling - journal prompts to think about: What boundaries do you need to make with yourself, loved ones, friends, work, other? What do you need to feel balanced? Is there something that you’re holding onto that no longer brings you joy? What can you let go of to bring more balance?

🌝 Get outside - take walks in nature, notice what is around you - leaves, buds, grass, moss, trees, birds, bugs etc. Take a moment to notice how you feel

✨Manifesting with Moon Water:
Add water into a glass or jar, you can write your clear intentions on a piece of paper placed under the glass/jar, or on the glass/jar itself. When placing your stone in the water, ask the stone for it to harness and intensify the powers of the moon and your intention. Be sure to collect your moon water before the sun rises. You can then drink this water or use it in a ritual or bath to harness this energy.

🌝Start Planting : you can start your indoor seeds, or if weather permits you can start your garden. Repotting plants on this full moon is also beneficial for new growth, and new energy.

✨Do a Cord Cutting Spell, to release people and things that are no longer bringing you balance, growth, or joy.

Colours associated with the Pink Moon
Pink, red, blue, green, yellow 💗❤️💙💚💛

Our friendly reminder is to allow yourself to enjoy balance, new experience, personal growth, relaxation, and happiness.

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care and rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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