Full Moon / Flower Moon

full moon

🌕Full Moon / Flower Moon🌕

05/05/23 10:34am

This is a special full moon happening on May 5th, peak illumination is at 10:34am (PST), there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Although this event favours the Eastern hemisphere, we will not really be able to see it, as it will occur during the daytime. This full moon is in the sign Scorpio, while being aligned with the constellation of Libra.

This is a beautiful full moon in May. It matches the peak of spring, bringing us transitions of l sunny days, and relaxing warm evenings.

Friendly reminder the full moon energy can be harnessed within the three days before and three days after the full moon, give or take some time 🤞🏼

🌑In addition to this beautiful Full Moon, we also have a Black Moon on May 19th, as it will be the third out of four New Moons of that season (spiritually this is a black moon). It brings success and good luck.🌑

🌸It is called the Flower Moon as spring flowers become abundant and bloom, and opens up to Mother Nature’s coming into summer🌸

Other names for this full moon: Milk Moon, Mother’s Moon, Frog Moon, or Corn Planting Moon.

The Flower Moon is a time for rituals, celebrations, and spiritual growth. This energy brings amazing spiritual energy, which is the perfect time for setting intentions and manifesting.

This time is all about your life blossoming, becoming your best self and reaching your goals and potential. The Flower Moon also brings fertility and healing. Allow this energy to remind you of the importance of embracing transitions, and growing with the cycles of life, while also being gentle with yourself.

Celebrate with Mother Nature as she is celebrating a joyous time of becoming full of life, flowers start blooming, leaves appearing, birds chirping, bees buzzing… invite in this energy, all about love, celebration, pleasure, and lots of laughter. Now is a strong time for potent magical energy!

🌕What can you do during this Full Moon🌕

🌸connect with nature - venture into gardening, being outside, walking in nature, giving thanks to Mother Earth. Allow yourself to be open to receiving this loving energy, and appreciating the beauty of this time.

🌼Collect some flowers - you can make yourself a beautiful bouquet, get creative and make a flower crown, put flowers in your hair, or press some flowers. (You can also buy flowers if you don’t have access to ones in your garden or nature 🌷). Take your time to appreciate the beauty, and the aromas.

🌸Address the Hard Questions - whatever you’ve been going through, now is the time to be aware of accountability, and ask yourself what needs to happen to make your intentions and goals materialize - and put it into action… remember, everything is with baby steps, be sure to include plenty of rest to avoid burnout, and allow yourself to have fun with this too! Release the fears you have, and move through any anxiety you have that might be holding you back from your happiness. Healing is filled with the hard questions, and transitioning with figuring out the answers that speak loudest to you.

🌼Make Lunar Tea - similar to sun infused tea, but by the moon, creating a beautiful cold tea for your morning. Using water and herbs (or just your favourite tea to drink cold), it’s similar to making moon water.
Our suggestion is to meditate with your jar filled with water, and your tea blend held in your hands, you can visualize your goals and intentions, and then leave your jar to sit out and soak up the full moon energy. Enjoy your beautiful morning tea, and give gratitude to the moon and Mother Nature while drinking it.

🌸Meditate under the moon - every full moon holds an abundance of energy. Since it’s a bit warmer outside, take some time outside during the full moon, appreciate its beauty and energy, allow yourself to relax and enjoy this time outside.

🌼Pull some cards, take a ritual bath, have a moonlit walk, set out your crystals, light a candle.

🌸Create a Crystal Grid - recommended is the flower of life symbol, grids can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Please see below for crystals to use during this full moon.

Journal prompts for the Flower Moon:
•What are my goals for this cycle? What do I wish for, or want to manifest during this period? How can I bring them to fruition?
•expressing gratitude for the abundance in your life (non materialistic but spiritually and emotionally)

Colours associated with this full moon
Orange, yellow, red, green 🧡💛❤️💚

Herbs and Flowers associated with this full moon:
Dandelion, rose, calendula, yarrow, chamomile, anise, hibiscus, elderflower, mint, lilac, clove. 🌿

Crystals to use with this full moon:
Ruby, amber, garnet, flower agate, carnelian, tiger eye, azurite, moss agate 💎

Our friendly reminder is to allow yourself to enjoy this time of growth, embrace the passion and blossoming energy, and everything that comes with it. 

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care, rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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