Full Moon/Buck Moon

🌝 Full Moon / Buck Moon 🌝

07/03/23 4:49am (pst)

This is a supermoon that will appear bigger and brighter than normal. It reaches its peak illumination at 4:49am (pst).

July’s full moon sits firmly in Capricorn, the zodiac sign ruled by the grounded planet Saturn. Capricorn is driven, disciplined, and a firm believer in the importance of tradition and family values.

This full Moon is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth. The bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, producing a larger and more impressive set as the years go on.

Other names for this moon are Feather Moulting Moon, Salmon Moon, Berry Moon,  Month of the Ripe Corn Moon, and Raspberry Moon, Thunder Moon, and Halfway Summer Moon.

A supermoon brings heightened emotions and more intense energy. This is a great time for manifesting, going inwards, and uncovering your emotions.

This moon is all about enjoying the moment. It reminds us to slow down, and remember the important things in life. Allow your mind, body, and soul to rest.

As the Buck Moon appears, allow its magical glow to ground your body, centre your mind, and replenish your soul.

The energy of this moon is here to help you to help fuel your goals and intentions. Ask yourself what small goals you can let go of, so you can prioritize and focus on accomplishing your bigger priorities. A huge part of this is also allowing yourself time for rest, while also making time for fun and joy. Allow yourself to be present in the warmth of summer, do activities that fill up your soul with happiness and pleasure. Go for a float in the lake or go camping, sit in the sun, take a nap, read a book, whatever it is, allow it to be something you truly enjoy.

What can you do for this full moon:

🌩️ enjoy a thunderstorm - allow nature to show you it’s power and show nature your appreciation by fully absorbing this energy. Meditate by a window during a thunderstorm, watch as the clouds light up, and feel the thunder rumble through your body. This can bring you thoughtful and creative energy while also grounding you in your personal power.

🍇 indulge and feed your soul- make lemonade or iced tea, homemade ice cream, bake a pie, enjoy a herb or fruit salad… while savouring every moment and flavour.

⛺️ go on an adventure - take a walk or drive out to some nature, go camping or hiking, get outside and enjoy each moment, even if you’re just walking around near your home, take in each moment with gratitude and appreciation for all that is around you.

💰 make a Success Spell Jar- Take note of what it is you wish to be successful in doing. Jar suggestion: use cloves, chamomile, basil, mint, thyme, sea salt, citrine and pyrite, as well as a gold, or green candle.

🛁 have a ritual bath - suggestion: use Himalayan salts, lavender, rosemary, and sage (either herbs or essential oils) light a candle, bring your favourite relaxing crystals, and listen to music that makes you feel relaxed.

📖 Journal Prompts -

* Make a list of things you’re proud of, whatever achievements you’ve made, big or small. Allow yourself to feel this joy and pride.
* Ask yourself how you’ve been feeling, is there more or less that you could be doing? Is there something that’s no longer serving you? Anything you need to let go of? Anything you’d like to add to your life?
* How can you be more intentional with your time?
* What are some magical spaces in your local area you love to explore? Go visit this space and write about it in detail.

Colours associated with this full moon:
Green, grey, blue, gold 💚🩶🤎🩵

Herbs and Flowers associated with this full moon:
Lemon balm, mugwort, hyssop, oak bark, lily, lotus. 🌿

Crystals associated with this full moon:
Any Moonstones, any opals, pearls, flower agate, agate, onyx 💎

🌕 This is a great time to make your moon water and infusions, charge up your crystals, cleanse your space, and honour yourself 🌕

✨A gentle reminder that whatever your self care, rituals, celebrations, and beliefs are, there is no wrong way to honour your personal magic! ✨

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