Crystal Shape Information

Crystal Shapes, Meanings, and Uses


Towers & Points
Crystal Towers may be large (towers) or short (points) and are usually used for enhancing intentions. Crystal towers concentrate energy that you can direct from the crystal. They are great for the purpose and the canalization of energy. Crystal towers and points come in all forms of crystals and stones.
The Benefits of Towers and Points:
~powerful amplifiers for energy
~setting intentions and manifestation 
~attracting positive affirmations from the universe
~uplift your mood, mental health
~brings harmony to your life
~generating energy to amplify intentions and positivity
~helps to increase local vibration
~bring loving energies and helps balance your life. 
Crystal Spheres are powerful crystal tools that generate balance and positive energy. The sphere is historically perfect and sacred: all points are within the same distance from the center and thus are a pure expression of unity and integrity. A crystal that is sculptured and polished as a sphere can be a strong energy conductor. Additionally, the sphere is our Earth's perfect form and shape, this form allows the crystal to radiate energy in all directions simultaneously. It is so powerful that it can be used in so many things, such as healing, the attraction of positive energy, as well as opening the chakras.
The Benefits of Crystal Spheres:
~cleans and heals auric field
~relieves stress
~ use in meditation and concentration
~releases positive energy in all directions
~cleanses chaos 
~promotes the flow of energy in any space
~use for massage to relieve tension
~increases the vibration of a space
~brings harmony 
Eggs are similar to Spheres, although eggs emit their energy from all sides, the focal point of energy comes from the top. Eggs represent fertility and life. They're excellent for personal transformation, new beginnings, transformation, and starting fresh. They possess soft, feminine energy, and are empowering for anyone to hold. 
The benefits of Crystal Eggs:
~unlocks unconscious energy.
~bring awareness to imbalance and suppressed emotions while healing them
~allow you to receive divine downloads from higher self and spirit
~use when beginning new journeys
~can assist in breaking habits
~use during manifestation of goals, dreams, and opportunities.
Freeforms & Flames
A freeform is a chunk of material that is carved typically in an irregular rounded shape, sometimes if a stone grows a particular way or requires a specific type of cut/polish they will appear more flat, like labradorite for example. Freeforms come in all sizes and each one is unique and highlights the natural beauty of any stone.
A flame is similar to a freeform but they taper off at the top and they resemble the organic movement of a flame. Flames can be more simplistic and geometric in style as well.
The Benefits of Freeforms and Flames:
~statement pieces to decorate your home
~meditate in front of a freeform or place it on your altar or in your sacred space
~depending on the material, use a freeform for crystal gazing
~ place your hands on freeforms to reset, charge, or cleanse your energy
Double Points/Wands
Crystal wands come in many varieties ranging in shape, size, and type. Some wands are Double Terminated (DT) with a point at each end, some are pointed at one end and rounded at the other, and some wands are rounded at both ends, these are typically called massage wands. They can be faceted with 4-6 sides or fully rounded and smooth. You can even use a natural crystal point, Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst roots can also be used as wands since they also have points and can even be double terminated. Each shape and type of crystal wand will have a different effect on our energetic field.
The Benefits of Crystal Double Points/Wands:
~allow energy flow and direction
~energy travels up and down as well as in and out
~releasing negative energy and bringing in healing energy
~can be used to pick up and remove energy blocks
~move energy through the chakras and aura
~use in meditation to direct energy
~can charge other crystals
~use in spell work, rituals, or moving/directing energy
Tumbled stones are powerful and can be used in so many ways. In general all tumbled and polished stones emit mild, soft, energy that spreads outward in all directions. These stones are perfect if you're sensitive to very strong energy, and to carry with you.
Benefits of Tumbled Stones:
~can be hidden, fit in pockets.
~use in spells, grids, and other rituals
~place under your pillow for better sleep
~hold during meditation
~use for crystal healings by placing them on the body
~can help with anxiey
Palm Stones/Worry Stones/Thumb Stones

Palm stone is more of a blanket term. There are many types of palm stones: thumb stones, worry stones, gallets, palm stones, and touch stones. Thumb/Worry Stones are smaller in size and may have an indent on one side to place your thumb. Palm stones are usually equal in proportions, and can be oval or circular shaped, and fit in your hand.Gallets are bigger in size, usually more circular and thicker in size. Touch stones are technically just extra large palm stones, almost like a freeform.


The Benefits of Palmstones/Worry Stones/Thumb Stones:

~hold during meditation

~fidgeting, perfect size to keep your hands busy and keep you focused

~reduces anxiety

~keep one in your pocket or bag to take with you

~hold or place under your pillow during sleep



Hearts are very similar to palm stones, they are just shaped to look like a heart. Hearts can range in many sizes and styles. They connect with the energy of the heart chakra and emit their energy in a very loving and gentle manner while giving us a sense of peace and harmony. Hearts can be good for those who are extra sensitive to the energies of crystals since the energy output is softer.


The shape of the pyramid is found over the course of history in several civilizations and holds many different spiritual meanings. The pyramid is called a Tetrahedron in Sacred Geometry, and its main function is assisting with manifestation. This shape holds a contrasting yet harmonious output of energy. The solid structure base, much like a cube, has a very grounded and stabilized energy, while still allowing energy to directly flow out of the point. Pyramids connect energy from the crown chakra to the root chakra, allowing us to feel in tune with higher dimensional thinking/our higher selves while still staying grounded to Earth.
The Benefits of Crystal Pyramids:
~provides grounding energy
~use for Feng Sui intentions to each room
~holds the energy of the elements (fire, earth, air, water)

~cleanse and balances chakras

~use during meditation for concentration and energy direction

~holds the power of life force energy to help grounding

~focus on the tip of the pyramid to strengthen manifestation


Raw Stones
Raw and rough stones are natural, loose crystals. They have not been tumbled, refined, or altered. They're purely in their natural state. These crystals are stunning in their natural state, and can be considerably less expensive than their polished counterparts. The hold amazing vibrational energy.
The Benefits of Raw Stones:
~use for body and energy healing by placing on the body
~use to attract positive energy
~bring balance to your life
~brings a specific intent to rituals, spells, grids, and other magical practices
Geodes & Clusters
Crystal clusters and geodes have strong vibrational energies due to having many points combined together. Geodes unlike clusters, have all of their terminations located on the inside. They are typically rounded and show no sign of crystals on the outside unless they are broken in half. Sometimes geodes are cut at the base so they can be displayed standing up. Each little point within a geode emits its own energy, making the inside of the geode very powerful and perfect for charging or cleansing tumbled stones or small crystals. Clusters have points of all different shapes and sizes that typically terminate in different directions. Each cluster is special and unique in its own way, no two clusters are ever the same.
The Benefits of Geodes and Clusters:
~powerful energy amplifiers
~points in a cluster vibrate together harmoniously to bring positive energy and transmute negativity in any space they are in
~energizes you mentally and physically
~large clusters can cleanse larger areas (whole floors, classrooms, healing rooms, office, master bedrooms, bathrooms, etc)
~place on your altar or in your sacred space to bring positive vibrational energies and transmute negative ones
~can also be used for protection with any magic or divination work 
~meditate in front of a cluster to raise vibrations and achieve higher states of consciousness

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